Sleep Schedules WIth Newborn Babies And Beyond

Newborn babies are a great joy to have around, but they also require a lot of getting used to. For example, one of the hardest things for first time parents to get accustomed to is the lack of sleep they will experience in the first few months. Newborn babies usually sleep from two to four hours at a given time, whether that is in the day or night time. Fortunately, there are many great websites that lend support and guidance in this area and in others. One such site is This site has wonderful tips on many different topics, as well as words of encouragement to new parents around the world.

Typical Sleep Schedules For Infants

As stated above, newborn babies usually sleep from two to four hours at a given time. At six to eight weeks old, babies will start sleeping for longer stretches, but may still need up to four naps throughout the day. Around four months old, babies start to develop a nap schedule. Recognizing such cues and being consistent will help decrease fussiness and crankiness. By eight months old, a baby usually requires a morning and an afternoon nap. By 18 months old, an afternoon nap is usually all that is needed. This can last until the baby is three or four. Some even continue to nap until they reach the age of five.

Advice When It Comes To Napping

It is important to know that different factors throughout the day will affect the baby’s ability to nap consistently every day. However, for the most part, a baby will nap at regular times if the parents are consistent. A routine is key for babies. Putting them down to sleep in the same please each day is also very important. Recognize cues the baby gives off when tired. Once these cues are identified, start the nap routine so that the baby does not get overly tired.

Babies are a lot of work, but they also bring great joy to a family. They can be very difficult at first, but then parents get used to their needs and know how to address different issues that arise.